Prenatal vs. Postnatal Massage


Making a clear distinction between prenatal and postnatal massage therapy can be quite a difficult task given that the two almost involves similar procedures. The most basic contrast however is based on the timing with which the given massage sessions are carried out. Prenatal massage is usually undertaken with the aim of preparing for the childbirth process. This will involves taking care of some of the physical as well as emotional needs which are essential for a less-turmoil childbirth process. Postnatal massage on the other hand will often try to reinstate the mother back to the original situation/condition when no pregnancy is incurred. This will also involve addressing some emotional and physical needs just as it is for prenatal massage. To make a well informed distinction between the two; it is important that each is looked differently so as to get what exactly each one involves.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage is usually undertaken having in mind the need to prepare the mother for the childbirth process. The intensity with which the massaging is done will off course depend on the pregnancy stage the mother is having at the moment. This is especially important so as to cushion the unborn baby from the shocks that may be brought about by the massaging pressure. A well prepared prenatal session will ensure that childbirth goes on with lots of ease and in addition the following benefits can also be accrued.

Prenatal massage service

* Reducing swelling on then feet, handles as well as the ankles. The swelling is normally caused by fluid accumulation and any pre natal session will work towards ensuring that these fluids get to be evenly distributed within the whole body thereby reducing incidences of excess fluid accumulation on certain body parts.

* During pregnancy lots of physical discomforts can be experienced especially on the lower back, calf cramps and the neck. This is usually brought about the weight of the bay trying to pull downwards. Prenatal massage therapy helps to avoid all these by a greater extent by relieving much of the tension incurred on the affected muscles.

* By applying some pressure to the body muscles very many important aspects can be enhanced. These include increased blood and oxygen circulation. This has a positive note in that fatigue will be done away, leads to general comfort and get rid of unwanted conditions like insomnia during pregnancy period.

Pre-natal Massage

* Prenatal massage sessions will help impart some aspects of flexibility; a factor which is very important when giving out birth. This in most instances will concentrate o subjecting the pelvic muscles to some light but effective muscle movements. When this has been carefully done high chances are that the soon-to-be mothers won’t that much difficult time while giving birth.

* Prenatal massage sessions help stimulate the brain into releasing endorphins; these are natural pain killers which have a relaxing effect on the mood of the mother. This will in the long run helps instill better sleep as well as lead to a general feeling of having some less pain.

Prenatal massage sessions are way more important and shouldn't be overlooked in any way. The massage sessions should be well prepared having in mind the physical fitness of the mother. Prior to having prenatal massage it is important that heavy meals be avoided as this would affect the normal functioning with which the body operates for the soon-to-be mothers.

Post Natal Massage

After childbirth lots of emotional changes and the time spent taking care of the newborn may have adverse effects on the woman. Therefore, pots natal massage in most instances is usually done so as to help nurture and help mothers gain back much of their lost energy and in addition try to bring the body into its normal state prior to pregnancy. This is achieved by working on the muscles as well as other connective tissues to be brought out a relaxing effect which in the long run will help ease the tension and the emotional fatigue incurred during the pregnancy period.

Timing is an important aspect for post natal massage in that one shouldn't wait for some considerably long time after childbirth to have some massage session. Post natal massage does come with lots of benefits and this is the case provided it is done right taking into consideration all the emotional and physical requirements of the mother.

* After childbirth some tones of stretched skin may be observed especially on the lower abdomen. Post natal massage will at all times work towards ensuring that the normal skin distribution within the lower abdomen is maintained so as to ensure that the mother gain the much needed uniform body as opposed to sluggishness that comes when no post natal message treatment is given.

Post natal massage

* During birth, the uterus may stretch and will off course take much time to reinstate back to the original position as well as shape. Post natal massage treatment can accelerate this process by giving the uterus muscles by massaging effect and making moves geared towards moving the uterus into its natural positioning.

* Childbirth do comes with lots of stress and for instance emotional disturbances may occur while taking acre of the newborn. Post natal massage helps to relieve mothers from much of this situation. This is so as the soothing effect that a massage session does produce will at the long run leave a calmer effect on the person who the post natal massage is being applied on.

* Due to contraction of some muscles during childbirth, blood circulation within the body can be greatly affected and this can only be averted through post natal massage. This is so as stretching and contracting some parts of the skin during a massage session helps to rejuvenate the blood vessels thus enhancing blood flow to all to the muscles and other parts of the body.

Some might overlook the value of post natal massage even if the childbirth goes absolutely normal. Still, the body can still undergo some modifications and alignment and affect the muscle tone in the long run. Including post natal massage proves to be very useful in ensuring that the recovery period goes on as planned while the mother is relaxing from childbirth and taking care of the newborn.


Both the prenatal and post natal massage therapies should be given equal weight as they positively impact on how well a mother will be before and after giving birth. Each should be well done by professionals so as pregnancy and childbirth should undertaken with some delicate leaning.

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