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Having a spontaneous moment is one of many people’s desires. When you are involved in the daily hassles, one thing you will need to have is a special time to relax your mind and body. Massaging is one way that will help you feel much better and relaxed. With the massage, it is mostly carried out by professionals. We are a company that has been established specifically to deal with the massage services. For us, we do our thing in a special way. You do not need to drive all the way to find the perfect joint for the massage services. Rather, you can depend on us to come to your home and serve you as you deserve. Our home massage services are as executive as the ones offered at a spa. So why choose us to enjoy our high-quality services?

• We are licensed - Massaging is a critical practice that can lead to injuries that might be dangerous. It is important to hire a company that is licensed to offer the massage services. We are a professional massage company that has been certified by the relevant authorities in Singapore. Our mobile services include the home massage services, and we ensure that our clients get the service that they deserve and expect.

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• An able team - Our company is made up of therapists that are trained in offering different types of massages. They understand the musculoskeletal system, and they will handle you with professionalism. You will be sure of getting the massage that you need, and enjoying very single bit of it.
The therapists are plenty enough, and you can freely choose according to what you want. If you need female massage therapists, that is what you will get. Also, if you prefer male specialists, you can be sure of getting that. There is no limitation in what we offer.

• Flexible Schedule - Our team understands the different needs of clients. That is why they are trained to handle different clients at a go. For instance, you can book appointments for couples, individuals, or whichever way you want it. Even if you want the entire family to get the massage treatments, you will be sure of getting what you need.

Experienced and Skilful - Proficiency and experience is one of the things that define a professional company. A company might have enough skills to allow them to handle an individual, but they may not have the right experience. With us, we have been offering message services for more than ten years. Through the years, we have learned different things that have helped us grow into a better massage services company.

We are fully equipped - Hands are not the only tool needed to offer the massage services. Instead, there must be enough tools and supplies, as the massage lotions and other machines. We are well equipped, and our services are dependable among many people. With our supplies, we deliver the services as required. You can be sure of getting the help that you need and feel relaxed as well.
When you make a call, our therapist will report to your place of the van, equipped with all the relevant supplies. You can be sure of having a successful massage, devoid of any limitation.

Scrutinized therapists  - We highly value the therapists that we hire in our company. Before we hire any therapist, we ensure that they have proven their worthiness. Also, we will ensure that we hire professionals that have a clean record, devoid of any criminal charges. Since our services extend to the homes, we always ensure that the hired therapist can be trusted in the client’s home. For that, you can be confident of working with specialists that offer the right services and you will feel comfortable being around them.

Amazing rates - Home massage services can be somewhat costly at some point. Nonetheless, when you hire us, you can be sure of getting the high-quality massage services that come at a lower cost. We are among the most affordable mobile massage companies that are well recognized in Singapore. The only factor that will affect our prices is when we cover a long distance. Here, we will only include the fuel costs, but most of the clients that are within the locality will enjoy low rates.

Full-time massages - Our therapists are not always in a rush when offering the services. We offer packages that extend to 120 minutes. This assures you of a perfect time to unwind and enjoy the treatment of the highly trained therapists. You can enjoy the company and treatment of the professional for two hours, which will leave you feeling more relaxed.

We are available - Availability of the massage services is another aspect that many people consider. Your body might ache any time of the day or night. For that, you will need a professional to attend to it and deliver the services that you need. Whenever you need to get an appointment, you can call on us and be sure of enjoying it as you want. Whether you need us in the morning, midday, or in the evening, you can rely on our services. Also, we are available at night, when you need to unwind from the whole day’s hustle. Maybe you were engaged in a meeting, and you got home at around seven in the evening. You shouldn’t hesitate to make a call. We are also available during the weekend.

You do not need a membership - Too many massage parlours in Singapore offer their services at the cost of signing as a member. With us, we offer our services freely to anyone interested in us. Whether you need a one-time home massage service, or you need to enjoy the services weekly, we will help you with that. You will not need to pay a registration or membership fee to have access to our services. All you have to do is to contact us whenever you need a massage.

Our customer service is also another factor to consider, and you can be sure of enjoying our executive services. We ensure that our customers are well satisfied by calling on them whenever they receive our service. Our main objective is to ensure the customer is satisfied and that they get the service that they need.

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We booked for a 2 hour outcall foot massage service on a weekday. My wife and i are very impressed with their trained masseuse. Very professional. Highly recommended.
Mr Poh (Bukit Timah)
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We Are Specialists In Home Massage, Foot Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Traditional Massage, Post Natal Massage, Pre Natal Massage & Mobile Massage.

We Are Specialists In Home Massage, Foot Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Traditional Massage, Post Natal Massage, Pre Natal Massage & Mobile Massage.

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