8 Benefits Of Outcall Foot Massage Service

Foot massage is very popular in Singapore. A greater percentage of Singaporeans spend more than $25 on beauty treatment including foot massage monthly. There are different types massaging techniques but all promise same health benefits. One of these techniques is traditional therapeutic. It focuses on relaxing your muscles and joints whereas acupressure techniques focus on improving the general health and energy flow by concentrating on specific pressure points. Aromatherapy technique involves the use of oil and focuses on multiple senses. On the other hand, reflexology focuses on improving the internal organ function by acting on some areas of the foot.


Massage is considered as a complementary and alternative medicine. It is often offered alongside other treatments for some health conditions. In this article, our main concern will be on foot massage and its importance. The following are other benefits of foot massage

1. Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause and improves intimacy

Sadness and unhappiness, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, headaches, fatigue and mood swings are the most common symptoms of PMS. You can reduce these symptoms through frequent foot massage during the period. In addition, other symptoms associated with menopause can as well be minimized through foot massage. They include depression and hot flashes. According to the survey conducted in 2011 by American drug maker Pfizer, a greater percentage of Singaporean men improves their performance in bed after a foot massage. Additionally, 80% of Singaporean women crave for intimacy after a deep foot massage. There are very sensitive nerve endings at the inside and outside of the ankle connecting to the erogenous zone directly. Pressing theses points is the easiest way to channel all the energy to the sexual organs. Due to the tight schedule and stressful duties of most citizens of Singapore, they need up to 60 minutes for massage therapy to achieve their boosted intimate live.

2. Improves circulation

After spending the whole day standing and walking from one point to another, the circulation of blood in the foot can be impaired. Furthermore, the wearing of tight or uncomfortable shoes can hinder proper circulation of blood. A short foot massage session, for at least ten minutes, can improve the circulation of blood to the lower extremities. Such an exercise is very important especially for those people suffering from diabetes.

Foot Massage

3. Help prevent foot and ankle injuries

Foot massaging can aid recovery from an ankle injury and reduce joint pains and muscle soreness. Moreover, massaging that includes ankle and foot stretching and strengthening exercises helps to prevent future injuries and faster recovery of the existing injuries. Spare some few minutes each day to engage in these exercises to minimize the risk of injuries. Strengthened and flexible foot and ankle eliminates the unpleasant injuries that may occur during clumsiness.

4. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Research has proven that reflexology goes beyond just putting you in a relaxed state during the massage session. Numerous foot massage session can reduce anxiety, especially in cancer patients. Foot massage brightens the moods regardless of whether or not you are suffering from depression. Massage therapy releases serotonin leaving you better after the session.

5. Helps with headaches and migraines

As I sated earlier, massaging is considered as an alternative medicine for some medical conditions. Foot massage has been proved to be improving the health conditions of those people suffering from migraines and headaches. According to the research conducted in Denmark, 65% of those people who relied solely on foot massage reduced symptoms while a few of them were cured. Foot massage combined with other exercises is very health and can greatly contribute to better results.

Outcall Foot Masasge

6. Lowers blood pressure

High blood pressure is a very common disease in both men and women. It is mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle adopted by many people. It can also be caused by stress, unhealthy diet, environmental factors and genetics. Foots massage improves the moods, reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure. A 10-minute foot massage session everyday can you great. As much as it does not cure completely, it improves your state.

7. Helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis

Those individuals with flat feet do not have the normal foot arch because of the ligament laxity, and this can cause the arch to collapse. It may not have any serious effect but some people suffer from foot pain after physical activities due to the flat feet. However, deterioration or inflammation of the plantar fascia can cause chronic heel pain and this may require immediate medical attention. Regular deep foot massage coupled with other exercises and application of strong pressure on the arch can reduce the pain or even cure the condition completely.

8. Reduces effects of edema in pregnant women

Edema is the swelling of the foot and the ankle due to the accumulation of fluid. This condition is very common to pregnant women. This condition can be treated through frequent foot massage alongside enough rest and right diet.
After looking at all theses benefits, it is evident that foot massage is beneficial to both mental and physical health. Professional foot massages can be costly, but the results are worthwhile. There are numerous resources available online from which you can learn a few things on different styles of foot massage. However much your daily schedule can be tight, find some minutes for your foot massage and reap all these benefits with little effort.

It is also worth noting that massage does not replace medication completely. It actually makes healing faster and easier. It is crucial to inform your doctor that you are undertaking foot massage exercise alongside the standard treatment for appropriate medical advice. There are so many therapists offering foot massaging services in Singapore. The popularity and reputation of a therapist mean a lot. Carry out adequate research and get the best therapist offering the best services. Recommendations and reviews from previous clients served can help you identify a good therapist. Furthermore, ensure that your therapist is licensed to avoid being duped by unprofessional therapists. In case you are focusing on eliminating some health condition related symptoms, be patient and determined. It might take some time before you experience the results.

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