How Often Should We Do Pre Natal Massage?

Prenatal or pregnancy massage is a form of hands-on, therapeutic massage that is exclusively meant for pregnant women. Typically, certified therapists perform a single session of prenatal massage for up to one hour and they perform it with the woman lying on top of a pregnancy massage table. These tables are specifically designed to accommodate the “baby bump” of a pregnant woman. Often special pillows known as bolsters are also used, which make it easier for a pregnant woman to lie on her side, which is the most comfortable position for her.


According to research, regular prenatal massage can:

= Boost overall mood
= Decrease back and leg pain
= Improve sleep
= Increase “mood stabilizing” hormones dopamine and serotonin
= Lower anxiety
= reduce stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine

How Often Should You Receive A Pregnant Massage During Pregnancy?

Aspects of pregnancy tend to vary from women to women, so determining a fixed duration for a prenatal massage for all pregnant women is not possible. Nonetheless, if you want your prenatal care to include massage therapy, it will be fine if you receive a prenatal massage once a month during your first trimester. During your second and third trimester, you may receive a prenatal massage twice a month. In your last trimester, receiving a prenatal massage once a week or receiving the massage for a longer time per session, such as for 1-1/2 hours, is recommended. It is recommended even more if you are experiencing back pain, sharp hip and leg pains, and/or sleeplessness during your last trimester.

Pregnancy Massage

Feel Free To Get A Prenatal Massage During First Trimester

There are many practitioners who refuse to massage a pregnant woman who is in her first trimester, although others agree to perform a prenatal massage. The reason is that the first trimester is the period during which a majority of miscarriages tend to occur. Fearing that they will be held liable for causing a miscarriage, certain practitioners avoid it. However, medical professionals do not claim that receiving a proper prenatal massage from a certified practitioner during the first trimester is unsafe and/or can lead to a miscarriage. As long as the practitioner is specifically trained to assist you throughout your pregnancy, there is no harm in receiving a prenatal massage.

No Need To Stop Receiving A Prenatal Massage Even If Your Due Date Is Near

In most cases, it can actually be quite beneficial and there will be no harm if you continue receiving prenatal massages up to your due date. In fact, it is equally beneficial to receive post-partum massage as well, i.e. following childbirth. Moreover, many pregnant women even schedule to receive a prenatal massage on their due date. Receiving a massage on the day you are scheduled to go into labor can help prepare your body for childbirth. Many women schedule a session on their due date so they have something to look forward to if they have not yet gone into labor. A massage is a great way to prepare your body for the experience of giving birth. Women on bed rest should receive modified massage, (very light pressure on extremities and no abdominal massage) and you should always consult your doctor if you have special circumstances.

You Will Not Have Lay Face Down When Receiving A Prenatal Massage

It is true that women usually schedule a prenatal massage for back pain relief and the pregnant belly is massaged too. However, it can be counterproductive to perform it on a massage table with a hole for the belly. A truly certified and professional pregnancy massage practitioner will use special ergonomic cushions or pillows, which will allow you to lay on either side or semi-reclined. This way, your abdomen will not be under pressure and your spine and the muscles surrounding it will be able to relax. You will find such a cushion or pillow so comfortable you will want to buy one to use at home too.

Pre Natal Massage

It Is Completely Safe To Get Your “Baby Bump” Massaged As Well

Even if you feel that the skin on your belly is relatively tighter, it will still be safe to receive a prenatal massage. Of course, it will be important that adequate pressure levels are applied and the right technique is used. Keep in mind that even the most professional prenatal massage professionals will not agree to massage your belly during the first trimester. However, they will be more than happy to massage your back or any other part of your body where you might be experiencing discomfort. In the case of women who have been pregnant for 12 weeks or more, practitioners massage the baby bump using circular and light strokes. This will make the skin of your belly more elastic and promote the circulation of blood to your genital area. You will really enjoy and like receiving a prenatal massage during your third trimester, in particular.

You May Also Get Your Feet Massaged When Receiving A Prenatal Massage

As long as you visit a certified practitioner, they will likely not bother massaging your feet, unless you are experiencing joint pressure or they have become swollen. However, they will never actively and aggressively work your ankles and feet because of the acupressure points there, which can cause contractions to occur. Using certain techniques and massaging certain areas of the feet is not recommended until the day you are expected to go into labor.


These are some of the reasons you should only visit a practitioner who has actually certified to perform prenatal massages and has experience massaging pregnant women. The benefits of prenatal massage can certainly not be denied, such as improving blood circulation, improving nerve pain, promoting sleep, reducing anxiety and stress, reducing edema, regulating hormones, and much more.

However, a prenatal massage will only prove to be beneficial if you receive it from an experienced and trained, certified practitioner. In fact, you should even have a discussion with your prenatal care provider about receiving a massage. Overall, as long as a certified practitioner is performing the massage, who knows how long and how often you should receive a prenatal massage, it will all be safe and there will be no need to worry.

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