Why Massage Is Beneficial For Us?

Massage is a form of alternative medicine recognized around the world as being able to treat people suffering from stress, fatigue, anxiety and help with the rehabilitation of injuries. Massage Therapy is considered by most health professionals to be a form of Alternative Medicine however that view is quickly changing as the value of massage for its health benefits is fast becoming recognized as a Complementary Medicine.

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Benefits of message

The benefits of massage begin almost immediately. As soon as the hands are positioned on the skin and the massaging begins blood flow increases and soothes tired, stiff and aching muscles. It promotes the healing of muscles and joints. It also increases pain relief and relaxation.

-Relaxes the person getting the massage

One of the main benefits of massage is that it relaxes the person getting the massage. The massage environment and techniques lowers the heart rate and improves blood circulation, which lowers high blood pressure. This has the effect of lowering the stress of whoever is getting the massage. If your job, family, or other commitments are causing a great deal of stress and you're becoming irritable because of it, a massage might be what you need to set yourself straight.

- Loosen and speed the recovery

Massage also helps loosen and speed the recovery or sore and strained muscles. This is particularly important for athletes. Most of the best expert teams now carry around one or more massage therapists to help rub down their athletes after practice or meets to speed their recovery and allow them to compete at a higher level for longer.

- Boost your immune system

It has been scientifically proven that after having a massage people have higher white blood cell counts. If you work a job where you can have exposure to lots of germs, such as a teacher or flight attendant, an occasional massage can help you get through the flu season with fewer coughs and colds.

There are many different physical benefits to having a massage. Besides just making you feel a little better massage can lower stress, improve circulation, speed the recovery of sore muscles, and boost your immune system. A massage should definitely be more than just something you do every once and a while to pamper yourself.

Circulation is increased during a massage, which helps to bring more nutrients to the area through the increased blood flow. With the increased circulation the work on the heart is lessened and the blood-making process is improved.

-Improves Muscles

Muscles benefit also from the increased circulation; it helps to flush out any toxins that have settled into the muscle tissue and brings in fresh blood to supply nutrients to the muscles. Muscle tone is improved and mobility can be restored by massage. Muscle pain and soreness is relieved and strains and sprains heal faster with regular massage.

-Eliminate waste products from the body

Circulation of the lymph is increased during a massage because the massage movements help to empty the vessels and encourage natural movement of lymph. This helps to eliminate waste products from the body. By increasing the flow and eliminating the wastes from the lymphatic system it can help to strengthen the immune system.

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Benefits of professional massagers

A professional massager can promote good health, pain and psychological relief and happiness to a great degree. Good massagers work upon the musculoskeletal and the nervous system of the body to produce a beneficial effect on it. Advantageous effects of massagers include pain relief from musculoskeletal injury, decreasing anxiety, maintaining good heart rate and blood pressure, increasing attention, increasing peripheral blood lymphocytes and reducing depression.

- Some kinds of massagers can also treat some diseases.

Hand held massagers and best back massagers are typically known to make a difference with the body chemistry. But the most significant pros of a professional hand held massager are in reduction of chronic pain, anxiety, stress and depression. As these situations often produce a heavy effect on the body health, it is very useful to use professional massagers.

- Difference with non-professional ones

Massaging is an art that keeps one's body well by means of medical and clinical procedures. If done wrongly, a massage can do more harm than good and such massagers should not be used at all. People often tend to ignore the important role of a massager in proper massaging. So they go and buy the massagers sold at local departmental stores.

Different types of massage

There are many different types of massage. The most commonly taught and well known massage is the Swedish massage. It's a vigorous massage that uses five basic strokes that are designed to energize the body by stimulating circulation. The benefits include relaxation, improved circulation, and dissolution of scar tissue.

1. Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is another well-known type. This helps with chronic muscle pain, pain caused by arthritis and tendonitis and also injury rehabilitation. The training in this type of massage is more advanced and not everyone will offer this type.

2. Sports massage

This is another type that might not be offered everywhere. The strokes in a sports massage are designed to reduce injuries, reduce inflammation, and help athletes warm up before and after their training or games.

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How to acquire techniques?

There are books and videos you can purchase or rent from your local library that teach you massage techniques. You can use these techniques to help your loved ones or even yourself. You can also purchase massage books that will tell you which specific strokes and techniques you can use to reduce specific ailments like abdominal problems, respiratory problems and stress related issues.

How does it work ?

The effect of massage and how it works differs depending on the type of treatment received with two major categories of massage being Therapeutic Massage and Remedial Massage. Therapeutic Massage is commonly referred to as Swedish Massage. This technique uses long, slow movements with varying depths of pressure to create a sense of relaxation and improved wellbeing. This is done to help alleviate the feelings of stress and anxiety, improve circulation, relieve congestion by loosening soft tissue and help create a positive mood for the client.

Massage techniques are easy to learn and easy to do. You don't need expensive equipment (though a massage table is easier on the back of the one giving it). All you need is massage oil and a little knowledge. In no time you'll be relieving the pain of family and friends and even yourself.

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We Are Specialists In Home Massage, Foot Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Traditional Massage, Post Natal Massage, Pre Natal Massage & Mobile Massage.

We Are Specialists In Home Massage, Foot Massage, Swedish Massage, Oil Massage, Traditional Massage, Post Natal Massage, Pre Natal Massage & Mobile Massage.

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