Is Foot Massage Really Beneficial for Your Health?

There is no doubt that our feet perform different roles besides bearing the body weight. The feet allow locomotion, endure the impact of the morning run and keep up with restrictive and uncomfortable shoes. It is quite unfortunate that after performing such vital tasks, they are often neglected. In fact, the feet receive the least care, unlike other body parts. They deserve to be pampered always, hence a healing foot massage is a necessity.

Foot Massage

A consistent foot massage with reflexology comes with several health benefits. These health benefits have been witnessed from previous centuries. With such evidence, it is very evident that one needs to carry out foot massage always. That is why almost every individual in Singapore has prioritized foot massage and reflexology.

Here are some of the main reasons why foot massage is important for your health:

Enhances blood circulation

Blood circulation is an important process in the human body. It allows transfer of various key nutrients to the whole part of the body for effective body growth and development. Furthermore, blood circulation allows the smooth flow of blood, ensuring proper respiratory process. Unfortunately, due to the inactive lifestyle, there is a possibility you will not use your feet well. As a result, curbing blood flow in your body. Besides, by you wearing tight and pointed shoes you are likely to deter blood circulation. Therefore, there is a need for a foot massage to jumpstart or promote effective blood circulation. A simple foot massage taken on a daily basis will ensure a smooth blood circulation process. In return will allow transportation of oxygen and nutrients to body cells, which is crucial for enhancing your health.

Fights depression

Depression is characterized by low mood, culminating in instances of disregarding vital tasks. For instance, eating, working and exercising. This is because the morale needed to perform such functions is not anywhere near your mind. But a foot massage can save you from this displeasure. Within a short period of time, you will be up doing your house chores or heading to the office. It is evident that foot massage is able to alleviate depression. Particular points on your feet are key to lessening any depression-related symptoms. Massaging these places can assist relieve depression symptoms. With a low number of people suffering from depression in a country, accelerates the economic growth of a particular country. This is because most people will not be tied down with depression, preventing them from working. That is why Singapore has really gathered much economic growth, as a result of depression-free workers, thanks to a foot massage.

Foot Massage

Treatment for Edema

Edema is the swelling of ankles and feet as a result of fluid retention. This is a health dysfunction usually found in pregnant women, specifically while in their final trimester. Edema usually, occurs due to long periods of standing and sitting which causes fluid retention.

However, a consistent foot massage is able to reduce edema. In fact, women that are part of massage groups tend to have reduced leg circumferences. But it is also important to seek medical intervention in the wake of swelling legs and ankles. In some instances, it might be due to liver disease, kidney disease, heart failure and other ailments.

Natural Pain Reliever

Aching feet tend to be quite a nuisance. They usually come with unnecessary comfort while attempting to make the walk or even run. However, a simple foot massage is able to take this pain away. The benefits can also be witnessed in other areas especially when pain relieving oils are also used.

A foot massage is also vital after undergoing operations. Usually, the patients feel no or less pain just after being subjected to a foot or hand massage.

In Singapore, hospitals usually provide for hand and foot massage to every patient after undergoing an operation. This introduction has helped in alleviating any impending pain that is bound to befall the patient. In that regard operations in Singapore’s hospitals have ended up smoothly without any serious challenge.

Decreases Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common ailments across the globe. Usually, it is a feeling of nervousness and worries about something with an unknown outcome. It can also be described as a strong concern to perform something. Anxiety is bound to terminate into stress and depression thus the need to curb it whenever you are a victim. Here is where a foot massage plays a key role towards getting rid of anxiety. A foot massage is able to minimize anxiety by 50% which is higher than other control mechanisms. This proves its reliability in your bid to get rid of the uneasiness at hand. In fact, it has helped in keeping low anxiety levels in Singapore. Currently, about 10 % of Singaporeans suffer from this mental illness. This is bound to reduce further when every citizen of Singapore takes part in feet massaging quite often.

Reduction of Migraines and Headaches

In case migraines and headaches have been making your days a nightmare, it is time to test a perfect remedy. Though simple, it goes a long way to getting you out of these uncomfortable feeling. A foot massage is able to considerable minimize or completely wipe out any a migraine and headache. Furthermore, being a natural remedy for these two ailments, there are no possible side effects. You can always bask in a foot massage safety to fight any a headache and migraine that might be stressing you out. This remedy has really worked out wonders in Singapore, by basically keeping headaches and migraines at low levels. Right now, Singaporeans can take part in nation-building activities without any discomfort/

Foot Massage

Future Injury Prevention and Enhanced Recovery

Massaging your feet is can prevent future injuries like Plantar Fasciitis. Remember, Plantar fasciitis is bound to cause heel pain. The heel pain causes inflammation which comes with a lot of pain.
Furthermore, a foot massage will significantly relieve joint pain and promote faster injury recovery. It is a simple remedy you can adapt to get rid of that painful discomfort.


Just like other parts of your body, your feet deserve proper care at all costs. Ensure you tend to them with all the seriousness they deserve. That goes a long way to make enhancing your overall body health. Feet massaging will be a great routine in your quest toward leading a healthy lifestyle.

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