How To Massage For My Newborn Myself?

First of all congratulations on your newborn. While at the clinic, ask the nurses and nurses and doctors as many questions as you can think of there is no dumb question. Massage for babies is one of the best remedies for relieving stress and tension. If you have been researching ways to relieve symptoms, you will have undoubtedly read about the benefits of massage and how it can work magic to improve your health and well-being as well as the health of your baby.


As soon as the baby is born, baby massages can be applied to him or her; however, you must be careful and not touch the navel area. You must wait 4-7 days until their umbilical cord stump falls off. Based on scientific research, massaging premature babies has enormous benefits for them. Premature babies have their pulse rates increased when they are taken care of regularly at the hospital. Their oxygen levels decrease as well, meaning there is distress. Massaging a premature baby can greatly lower their pulses rates and increases their oxygen levels. This means that the baby finds massaging soothing, relaxing and calming.

Massaging Environment

Warm rooms are ideal for baby massages. Twenty-six degrees is a good room temperature for the baby. Babies lose a lot of heat very quickly when they are uncovered and applying oil on them will also lower their body heat even more.

The area where you massage your baby should be peaceful and quiet. Turn off the TV and make sure that no one in the room is loud or causing interruption. In doing so, both the parent(s) and their baby will greatly enjoy the massage. As well, with no interruptions, the parent(s) can focus 100% on their baby and their baby can focus 100% on their parents. This will greatly strengthen the bond between them.

Best Time for Baby Massages

Usually, the best time to massage a baby is when they are happy and awake. Many people massage their babies after a good bath, or even before one to get the baby all relaxed. The parent must be calm as well when they are performing baby massages. If they aren't, there's a chance the baby will absorb the negative emotions the parent is feeling and they might get hurt.


It is highly recommended not to massage a baby after they have eaten. It is best to wait an hour or so later. Otherwise, it might cause vomiting. Also, make sure that your baby is well fed before you massage them. If they are hungry when you are massaging them, this might make them feel more unsettled and stressed.

The length of a Baby Massage

Baby massages tend to last about 20 minutes to 30 minutes. Babies are not very large, so massaging them is easy and quick. If you are just starting, it might take a bit longer because it takes the time to learn the techniques and getting used to. You can practice and learn more about the techniques by enrolling into baby massage classes. Usually, they can be found in nurseries or sometimes even in some hospitals. If you cannot find any classes, you can always look for books, DVDs, and videos. There is a dozen out there detailing the many types of massages you can give your baby and the benefits of them.

Baby Massage Techniques:

Head and Jaw

When massaging the head, you gently stroke their forehead, and then make your way to their temples and cranium. After, proceed to the eye lids and eye brows. Then, move on to the nose and cheeks and after, move on to the area around your baby's mouth and then their ears.

From the ears, gently stroke your way down the sides of their neck until you reach the frontal part of their neck. Stroke gently and make your way around to the back of the baby's neck. Sit them up if you find that it's difficult to get around the neck. Then lay them down again and proceed to their shoulders, arms, and stomach.

Shoulders, Arms and Stomach

Before you massage your baby's shoulders and arms, make sure you form a ring with your fingers. Then, gently wrap it around your baby's arm and proceed to gentle stroke around the armpit or shoulder area and move down to their wrists. Be extra careful with their elbows because they are very sensitive. After, use circular motions with your fingers when massaging your baby's stomach and abdomen.

Legs, Heels and Feet

Using your whole hand, gently stroke each leg. Make sure to press gently on their thighs. Move down to their feet and begin to apply light pressure on all of their toes. When massaging their heels, use circular motions like you did when you massaged their stomach. Feet massages are very comfortable and relaxing. Feet massages can help your baby if they have stomach pains.



Lay your baby on their chest and use large, but slow movements. Massage their neck, head, legs and back. As well make sure that they all go in one direction. Use soft strokes and massage with your fingers when you are massaging their back and shoulders. Avoid massaging the spinal cord, instead just place your palm on their back gently for a few seconds. After, gently stroke the back of their legs all the way down to their feet. When at their feet, massage their toes again and finally massage their head and face.

How Often to Giving Baby Massages

Baby massages should be given daily with each session lasting 20-30 minutes. Even 15 minutes will be beneficial for the parent and the baby. If you cannot massage your baby on a daily basis, you can massage your baby three times a week.


Massages should be applied on the baby's bare skin. Oil can be used to help the hands move more smoothly throughout the baby's body without any friction. Oils such as grapeseed, almond, and extra virgin olive oil are natural oils and are easily absorbed by the baby's skin.

Applying Pressure

When massaging a baby, the pressure you should apply is very similar to when you close your eyes and press them together (without any discomfort). When massaging small areas on the baby's body, use your fingertips; when massaging large areas (chest and back), you should use your palms.

Other Notes.

-Make sure to be careful when you are picking up your baby when they are oiled up
-Avoid using essential or aromatherapy oils unless you are properly trained or have an aromatherapist with you
-If you believe that your child is allergic to nuts, you can use nut oil free products.

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