How Often Should You Do Post Natal Massage?

Post natal massage is one of the most important things that a woman should get right after the delivery. In Singapore, it is quite popular and every woman opt for this massage to get back into right form and make your body as normal as pre-pregnancy. It is great to relax and reduce the stress. It can also reduce swelling and improve to have a better sleep. This massage helps to restore your body in the right condition and also helps to speed up healing. Be it normal delivery or C-section delivery, this massage is an essential part for post-pregnancy.


How Often It Is Good?

The postnatal massage mainly depends on the type of delivery you have gone through. It is different for women given birth by normal delivery and by c-section delivery. It is said that for the normal delivery, you can join as soon as you are comfortable and feeling fine. But for the c-section it is better to take a month rest before you start this massage. But the best thing will be to ask your physician about this. Every woman body is different and acts differently. It takes different time for getting healed. 

So, it is better to contact the expert physician who can examine your body and health in Singapore. And then he/she can advice you according to it. Mainly this post natal massage is taken every day by the women after the delivery and it is generally continued for 40 days. In these 40 days the massage helps you to restore back your body as the same condition like pre-pregnancy. The most important thing that you have to remember is the starting time and that it is better to be by a professional expert.

What Are The Benefits?

Almost 90 % of women in Singapore go for this postnatal massage after delivery. This helps them and their body in a lot of ways. Some of the great benefits of this massage are –

1. Ease and relax: This massage helps to relax and ease a lot. No doubt that during pregnancy and even at the time of delivery your body has gone through several changes and a lot of stress or muscle tension. To remove all these strain from the body, this massage works wonderfully. It helps to relax your back, legs, abdomen as well as lower back.


2. Increase the blood flow: When the body is very stressed out, the blood cannot be circulated in the right way and thus it results in lack of oxygen in your body. With the help of post natal massage you can increase the blood flow or circulation. Thus your muscles will get more oxygen and it will help you to get rid of the toxins.

3. Releases endorphins: This massage also helps to release the endorphin in your body. This is a natural hormone which acts as a natural pain killer. The best thing about this hormone is that it also makes you feel good. It is secreted by the brain and keeps your mind and body fresh with some positive vibes.

4. Speedup the recovery: You body goes through so much during pregnancy and delivery that you need an immediate recovery. With the help of this massage you can speed up your recovery process and get relaxed while the massage is on. There are a lot of internal problems to be healed post pregnancy and thus this massage will help you.

5. Mood elevation: During pregnancy you go through a lot of mood swings and often depression. Thus after the delivery in order to get back into a life as normal as pre-pregnancy postnatal massages are important. It helps to overcome the depression and baby blues. It is an excellent stress buster and thus great for elevating your mood. 

It is a great time to enjoy and relax alone. Hardly you have got a “me”-time during your pregnancy and even after pregnancy. Your world becomes surrounded with your baby. So, this is the time when you get to relax and recover from within. It helps to uplift your mood and get a better result and become happy. This has to be continued for almost 40 days continuously.

Important Things To Know

Before you go for this massage there are some important things that you have to remember. These are

- Pick the right time: And this right time should be discussed with the doctor. You have to understand that your body needs to heal externally first after pregnancy before you start the massage to recover internally. 

- Choice of the masseuses: You can opt for going to the spa centre daily or even call the masseuse at your home for the massage. It is better to call them home. You will be able to relax at home and avoid travelling. The most important thing is to do a good research about everything before opting for a particular masseuse for yourself.


- Any medical complication: If you have any medical complications like allergies, infections or sensitivity to certain things then it has to be discussed. So, they will avoid the product having those ingredients in it. Otherwise it can get serious and affect your skin.

- A particular time: It is always better to do the post natal massage at a particular time. So, if you are getting this massage in the morning then keep the schedule like that every day. Change in schedule can affect the recovery process a bit.


So, this is all about the post natal massage that you should take after your delivery. During both normal delivery and caesarean delivery, your body goes through a lot of changes. It affects the body both internally and externally. The most important thing you need to heal these and recover fast is this massage. It is done once every day and continued for 40 days. In this process your body slowly relaxes, circulate the blood, supply enough oxygen and helps to recover from within. There are many such massage centres in Singapore and you need to find the best one for you to get the best service


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