Health Benefits Of Massage For The Elderly

Everybody wants to live a healthy life free from common illnesses that are avoidable so that they can live a comfortable lifestyle. Even the elderly can take some precautions and one of the most beneficial courses of action is going for massage for elderly. Who said that massage is only for the rich and wealthy individuals. In fact, this perception is numb and the truth of the matter is that massage for the elderly is essential and offers one a healthy condition so that they can spend more relaxing days without stress and even prolong their lives. To make it more elusive to everyone, here are the major benefits of massage therapy to the elderly.

Elderly Massage

Softening stiff tissues and hard muscles

As people get older, their lives become less active and this causes muscles to get tighter and stiffen, this is also the same case with tissues which tend to harden resulting in wrinkles. Massage for elders reduces the rate of this stiffening by promoting efficient blood flow to the entire body tissues thus minimizing the entire muscle tension. Elderly people can thus improve their body performance and engage in simple activities without straining their bodies. Also, the muscle and bone pain reduces and they can bend and engage in simple chores without complaining from regular bodily pain.

Enhances balance and gait

Most of the elders tend to become victims of falling on regular occasions. This is as a result of weakening bones as they get old and becoming more infirm. As an elder, going for massage session increases blood flow to vital organs, tissues and limbs, this enhances proprioception or what is commonly known as the relative position and body balance that comes from a proper communication of all body parts. This improves your balance as an elder thus reducing the issues of falling at a higher rate.

Reduces cases of stroke

Previously, stroke patients, especially the seniors used to be recommended at least forty-eight hours of bed rest after an incident of stroke by their medical doctors to prevent another trigger. This situation is slowly fading away as new discoveries are being realized in the healthcare sector. Medical practitioners advise stroke patients to go for regular massage therapy as it stimulates the concerned body parts thus concentrating on any paralyzed body parts which usually get stimulated and functions properly after the massage session.

Elderly Massage

Generates a feeling of concern and care

Most of the elders have so many memories of loss due to losing their spouses, sickness and being neglect by their children who are supposed to care for them. All these make them stressed a lot and one of the activities they can engage to feel loved and cared for is going for a massage session. It is a proven method that relaxes your nerves stimulating a sensation of happiness, love, care and connection to those around them.

Nervous system stimulation

Massage is the ultimate key that releases stimulation to many body parts and this is why it is important for an elder to go for regularly. It releases what we call hormone reaction which was dormant for long, endorphins and activates the neurotransmitters. All these hormone reactions are responsible for activating the entire functioning of the nervous system which makes one have a sensational feeling and good mood. This improves the activities and cooperation of all the body organs leading to secretion of dopamine and serotonin hormones which are exclusively important to keep your body active and feel relaxed.

Promotes comfortable sleep

If you have been living with an elderly person for quite some time, you must have complained about the lack of proper sleeping. They usually experience long nights due to various factors and aging. Massage for elderly is considered one of the best treatment that relaxes the body and mind thus helping the elders achieve a comfortable sleep for longer hours than the usual complaints. It is a good thing to do for your relative elder by paying for the massage therapy treatment.

Reduces arthritic pain

Medical experts have proven that massage for elders can help ease the burning pain experienced by the senior people in the society. Although it can't completely cure or eradicate arthritis illness, massage does a great deal in easing the pain through the improved blood flow to the tissues, joints, and limbs which results to the warming up of the affected body regions. This offers pleasant and peaceful moments when they are not experiencing the pain anymore.

Promotes flexibility

Basing on the true facts, our bodies experience lots of troubles where muscles tend to stiffen and tighten from the fact that elders do not participate in many activities. Undertaking a massage session can help an elderly person a lot as it enables the joints and muscles to soften enabling them to engage in smaller activities without experiencing body pain especially when they bend.

Elderly Massage

Enhances immune system

Medical experts have proven that elders who usually take massage sessions fall sick less as massage is an activity that releases most of the toxins from the body. This provides healthy body functions where no toxins that can cause illnesses accumulate. This increases the level of immunity as more nutrients that come from healthy eating is used to strengthen immunity cells rather than being used in fighting diseases.

Techniques applied in massage for the elderly

Those who offer massage services to the elderly are exerted and know that it is not done the same as the young energetic men and women. It should be done with care and concentrate on specific parts of the body. When working on the elderly, one has to apply light pressure while stirring, kneading various tissues and stretching the arms. These techniques offer relaxation while providing numerous health benefits such as relieving pain to those suffering from arthritis and various elderly associated problems


Taking care of your elders is a concern that everyone should consider. They need to feel loved and appreciated in the society. One of the gentle activity you need to provide for them is assigning them to a massage for the elderly session. It will enhance their healthy life and also prolong their life. It is not expensive considering the health benefits that come from the services. Assign them to a qualified expert service who provides professional services so that they can enjoy their days.

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