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April 20, 2021

Pros And Cons On Thai Massages

Pros And Cons On Thai Massages – While dating back to 3000 years ago, Thai massage is still popular nowadays. This type of massage uses various stretching and pressure techniques that bring a lot of health benefits. In spite of having many positive effects, it also has some limitations. This article reveals the pros and cons of Thai massage. Pros And Cons On Thai Massages – Pros 1. Reduces stress Stress can motivate people to take action and perform better in their personal and career lives. Yet, too much stress can have a negative impact on people’s health. When severe stress […]
March 12, 2021

What Causes Foot Reflexology Pain?

What causes foot reflexology pain? As we grow older, our bodies undergo tremendous changes. The body is not as healthy and vibrant as it was when you were younger. The beauty of it all is that you can have most of these changes under control. One effective way we can do this is by adopting a healthy lifestyle early enough. It’s no use waiting till you are older for you to place yourself on a flexible workout routine or healthy diet. The sooner you start, the better it will be for you when you grow older. The thought of having […]
February 5, 2021

Is Massage Harmful to your Health?

Is Massage Harmful to your Health? Massage is a type of therapy that is performed with the hands, feet, forearm, fingers, or elbows.  Massage is not only a relaxing activity that you can enjoy during your next stay at the spa; it also has healing and therapeutic properties. Massage therapy is extremely useful for relieving pain and muscle tension. Despite all these advantages, massage is not suitable for everyone. Here are some of the ways massage can be harmful to your health: Pain After a therapeutic massage, a person may experience muscle pain due to constant friction and manipulation. You may feel uncomfortable during a massage session and feel much pain the next […]
December 17, 2020

Is Massage Oil Harmful to Your Body?

Is Massage Oil Harmful to Your Body? So, you are unsure about the benefits of massage oil. You believe that massage oil contains harmful chemicals and can cause both mild and severe side effects. You are right. Some massage oils are harmful. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right oil to avoid any negative effects. If you are looking for a safe option, you can consider using natural and pure oils. You can take the example of coconut oil, grape seed, and sesame oil. You can use any of them and combine a few to maximize the benefits. You […]
December 11, 2020

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facial Massage

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facial Massage – Facial massages are a suitable alternative to cleanse the skin. It offers a natural glow to your face. A facial massage has a plethora of far-reaching benefits. It allows you to deep clean the skin. Who is it suitable for? The facial massage is useful to have a beautiful and improved skin tone. You can stay away from pimples and acne by opting for this beauty technique. Pollution will not have a negative impact on the face anymore. It also fixes all the damage, caused by environmental pollution. It is the best option for people to get a radiant and beautiful […]
October 16, 2020

How Often Do We Need To Do Foot Massage?

Always find yourself thinking how often do we need to do foot massage? Our feet handle a lot of pressure, especially for those who have to spend a lot of time standing, walking, or moving around. Hence, many of us long for the right foot massage. It could help in relaxing not only our feet but also other parts of the body. However, many of us do not know how often should go in for a foot massage. We will try and answer this question in some detail. However, before that let us try and have a look at some of […]
October 2, 2020

Post Natal Massage After C-Section

Post Natal Massage After C-Section – C-section is one of the famous surgeries that many women undergo when giving birth especially when they have some complications. However, this surgery may lead to some issues which can make one take a longer period to heal. All women are encouraged to walk after c-section since walking can increase the circulation of blood flow in their blood thus aiding the scar to heal faster. Apart from this, one can also get the scar massaged after receiving a recommendation from a doctor. Below are some of the things which you must know if you […]
September 21, 2020

Is Foot Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Is Foot Massage Safe During Pregnancy? Since many women experience very intense pain when they are pregnant, they believe that getting a massage can make their bodies to relax. Although foot massage is very tempting, you may wonder if it is safe for pregnant women. The good thing is that if you can avoid specific areas of the foot which can trigger cervical ripening and uterine contractions, you will find foot message to offer you a soothing effect. However, it can be safe for pregnant women to approach professionals to offer them a massage. Certified massage professionals in Singapore have enough training and knowledge […]
August 13, 2020

Health Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massage

What are the health benefits of aromatherapy massage? Read on! Aromatherapy massage refers to the practice of using essential oils to ease muscle tension, obtain relaxation and relieve discomfort, pains, and aches. The essential oils are usually extracted from parts of herbs or trees. Some of the famous oils which are usually used in this kind of massage are peppermint, orange, tea tree, lavender, lemon, ginger, eucalyptus, chamomile, cedarwood, and bergamot. One of the good things about using essential oils when massaging is that they offer more than one health benefits. Therefore, you can easily use them in achieving both […]
July 19, 2020

How some Massage therapy Can Help To Improve Blood Circulation

Many people receive regular massage treatments, and each person has their own reasons. Some people enjoy feeling or feeling less stress after a hard day’s work. Other people are looking for massage therapy with specific accuracy or reduce pain. However, a large number of people, even if they regularly receive messages, do not really understand the benefits of regular massage and the means by which messages achieve their goals. This is to relieve the feeling of tension and anxiety, improve blood circulation, alleviate congestion by loosening soft tissues and help create a positive mood for the people. the following are […]